LeeWave Ltd is a Female led, Black-Owned Health & Beauty Company based in the United Kingdom. Specialising in Holistic selfcare methods and practices, from our Signature Natural Hair & Skin Care Collection to our Professional Sport, Fitness & Health Care services, we are committed to helping you improve from the inside out!

LeeWave Naturals

Our LeeWave Naturals Collection is designed for everybody everyday and can aid in the treatment of both minor and major conditions, such as hair growth treatments and relieving dry skin. Find out more in our Healthy Hand Blog

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LeeWave Health

Whether you are looking to change your workout routine, learn a new skill or simply find ways to heal mentally or emotionally. Our LeeWave Health trainers are fully equipped to guide you on your journey. From Gym regimes, Sports drills, Meditation practices and many, many more, we believe in self care of the mind, body & soul.

For a more personalised approach please reach out to us at info@theleewave.com for more information

LeeWave University

For all your advice, tips, drills & routines. Our Surfer team is here to help guide you on your LeeWave Journey.

We want to make sure we cater for everyone and provide you with information from our own personal self care experiences both before, during & after our LeeWave Journey.

All of our services & practices are available on our LeeWave University Youtube Channel