Meet The Team

Here for your Skin care, Hair care, Health, Sport advice & routines

Kirra-lee Cooke


Hey Surfers! I am the owner & creator of LeeWave Ltd. My goal is to create a brand that supports my clients personal development, mentally,physically & emotionally through self-care and education.<br>For now and forever being proud of your skin and confident with your hair are two promises I made myself & those around me. so join us on our insightful LeeWave journeys to perfection!

Bod Akinfenwa


Hi, I am the photographer & videographer in charge of the media at LeeWave.<br>From adverts, aesthetics, commercials and bringing Kirra-Lee’s vision to life,<br>My goal for 2021is help elevate LeeWave into an icon for health, selfcare & wellbeing with the content we create.


Jase Salvatore


Hello, my name is Jase.<br>I am a health and Fitness coach,<br>And can happily announce my self<br>As a Lee Wave Hair/Sport model.<br>During my 2021 Lee Wave journey I will be<br>Using the Good-to-Go Hair Care Package<br>to keep my hair healthy, clean, and moisturized,<br>especially after my workouts.

Casterline Villar


Hey, friends! My name is Casterline Villar, I am from New York City, and I am a LeeWave Hair Model. 2020 brought a lot of stress and dryness into our lives, so in this new year I am committing to using LeeWaves Hair Masque to combat dryness from taking over my curls and the Lavender scent of the Masque really helps me unwind. It’s a win win! 

Olivia Burgos


Hi! My names Olivia and i am one of LeeWave’s Skin Care Models.<br>My goal for 2021 was to better my skincare routine. Follow me on my journey using the Deluxe Skincare Package and watch me glow up!

David Ellner


Wassup everyone! David here and I’m one of LeeWave’s hair models, don’t let the serious faces fool you I’m a goofy comedian that loves basketball and anime. I am super serious about making sure my curls are poppin’ though.            <br>I will be trying out the Citrus Medley Hair Masque so I can feel as fresh as an orange and hair glowing like the sun.

Jillian Lundblad


My name is Jillian, but you can call me Jill if you’d like. I am a hair model for LeeWave and for my 2021 LeeWave journey, I will be using the Happy Hair Care Bundle to help keep my long hair strong and healthy.

Ashley Taylor


Hey! My name is Ashley and I’m one of the Lee Wave hair models. For my daily hair routine I will be using the Lee Wave Hair Care Package. As a vegan and someone with extreme allergies, I found it hard to find real natural products that didn’t break me out or damage my hair and skin. This hair care package has helped me repair my hair leaving it soft and shiny. Lee Wave is a dream come true!

Katie Bubb


Hi my name is Katie and I’m one of the LeeWave skin models. During this journey with The LeeWave I’ll be using the Deluxe Skincare Package to create a self care routine for that’s healing for both my skin and mind.

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