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I have had a Love-Like relationship with my hair for years and coming from a beautiful mixed family I wasn’t able to learn how to do my hair from anybody within my household, so I grew up in the hair salon.

I graduated from the salon de mum at a very early age! And like most young girls I was never quite happy with how my mum did my hair, especially when she went for the classic bun on top-

“No! To me I looked like a young pineapple”!!!

And would come home from school with my hair looking all wild and crazy from where I attempted to copy my friend’s hair styles and give myself a fringe 🤦🏽‍♀️

Growing up in a salon is honestly a blessing and a curse. On one side my hair would always be done to an amazing standard by people that I trust and love (take note* everyone’s hands should not be in your head*) but that standard couldn’t be achieved at home and I wasn’t exactly sitting there with a pen and paper taking notes at the time.

Why Hair Care…

I really started paying attention to my hair when I was at university as moving away from London removed my crutch. I began to experiment with colour, straighteners and texturisers and found a few people who could put my hair in a protective style. This helped me out for a couple years but I was never 100% satisfied with my hair overall & having seen minimal improvements with my hair I realised something needs to change because it just wasn’t clicking!

In 2015 My Best Friend started his locs and after speaking to him & experimenting with different techniques I started to see that it was the quality of my hair & scalp together that stopped it from growing.

So I was to blame… It was my own bad habits! Now I admit that I am a lazy natural, and having such an active lifestyle as a Personal Trainer or participating in whatever sporting activity I decided to meant that I didn’t think I had the time to look after my hair properly.

NO MORE EXCUSES – I found that consistency is key! – Just like looking after a houseplant my hair needed some TLC!

 So I taught myself how to put my hair in protective styles like singles and started researching the benefits of natural ingredients on the hair.

Things like castor oil and tea tree oil were already very common go tos’ so I wanted to expand beyond that. Every now and again I would see pictures of ladies with beautiful long hair covered in clay or men and babies having lovely healthy hair whilst living in isolated/ rural areas

I HAD to know more….lets take a step back to go forward

I wanted to create a product that did everything I wanted as a lazy natural and all the things I didn’t know I needed as a lazy natural.


My Hair Masque is designed to improve the overall health of your scalp and hair, the combination of oils and butters work together to provide nutrients and hydration whilst it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help to clean & soothe your scalp, whilst adding on those inches!

Ride the wave and start your journey with LeeWave

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