101: Self-Care Is The Best Care

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At LeeWave we are committed to your personal development, in fact, one of our main goals is to improve the general health and wellbeing of all our clients. And having lived through this pandemic we all now know the importance of maintaining good mental health! In a lot of cases, self-care routines have been adopted to help relieve stress and anxiety physically and mentally.
But what is self-care? And how can I do it?
Self-Care in its essence is when an individual’s conscious act is performed to benefit their health physically, mentally & emotionally, and is generally completed without the help of a medical

A lot of our surfers began doing home workouts in order to get the same stress release that they benefited from in the gym, these ranged from full HIIT garden workouts to Holistic practices such as reiki & yoga. LeeWave joined in on the fun by providing bespoke workout routines for our clients with our personal trainers & holistic practitioners, as well as going into details about our daily routines and how the pandemic has affected us- sharing is caring and it was nice to feel like you weren’t suffering alone.
Being physically active is a great way to give yourself a break from the daily routine and boost your adrenaline and endorphins, however a lot of people struggle to find the time or don’t feel the mental benefits from a workoutSo where does this leave them? Well the good news is, it doesn’t have to be strenuous activities that deliver these endorphins and other mental boosts. Taking the time to relax works just as well!

That’s where LeeWave steps in! We believe in our holistic and natural collection of products! That where designed to give you some TLC from home and that’s why throughout the pandemic customers reached out to tell us how we helped them deal with the burdens of lockdown, from our scented creams & oils being used in hair care routines such as the calming effects of lavender and sage to our signature massage oil.
In fact, anything that allowed our customers to focus on an activity beneficial to them as a way to relax proved to give our customers a lot of satisfaction. For instance, Many of our clients have set aside one day of the week to join us in our mission to support LeeWave and Chill. This type of activity not only allows you to spend time with a loved one as the massage melts the stress away, but the benefits to your hair are incredible too!

A self-care study was conducted on a group of student nurses during the pandemic and the findings suggest that utilization of self-care practices is associated with lower psychological distress (Brouwer et al, 2021). The products and services we provide at LeeWave not only utilize self-care but where put together to encourage it. Just like many others our Surfers had to adjust to the conditions of the pandemic. And their LeeWave & Chill days not only allowed them to refocus on themselves and their wellbeing, the results they experienced during this time made the stresses of the outside world seem a lot smaller.

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